Get Ready to Inspectivize: Giving Home Inspectors and Home Owners Power

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Home Inspectors App- How to Grow Your Home Inspection Business- EIiteMGANew Home Inspectors App for Inspectors and Owners Makes Life Easier!

Having a consistent flow of clients as a home inspector is difficult. The inspector may have great credentials, be properly certified, and have good E & O insurance, but getting people to call you can be the biggest barrier as a home inspector. Advertising on Google Adwords requires knowledge and can quickly become time-consuming. For new inspectors, it can be hard to establish solid relationships with realtors and banks for referrals. Even after the initial contact is made, scheduling a convenient time for the customers to have the home inspection can take significant time. This is a pain point for many inspectors because jobs are lost due to poor communication and scheduling.

The New App to Help Home Inspector Gain Business

With the app, Inspectivize, home inspectors are given power. This app will potentially eliminate highly competitive and costly Google Adwords from the equation. Inspectors have a better chance of being found by potential customers, scheduling appointments, and receiving payment – all with the help of the app.

As consumers, people want the ability to make an educated decision on home inspection services. The issue? Most homeowners do not know where to go to find a qualified inspector to assess their home’s condition. Inspectivize offers homeowners, realtors, and banks the opportunity to find qualified inspectors in their area. In addition to helping homeowners find an inspector, the app can reduce the risk of paying too much for the inspection, thus incentivizing homeowners to use it. Inspection prices often fluctuate since they are not regulated. Introducing a side-by-side comparison can add transparency. The co-founder and home inspector, Michael Floyd, found that customers had problems with the whole process of finding the right home inspection company for the right type of inspection in the right geographical area. It is not obvious where to go to find an inspector for lead paint, termites, mold or radon. Michael experienced how inconvenient the entire process is for both customers and for the inspectors. With the app he developed, Michael successfully streamlined inspections for everyone.

The benefits of this new app could be huge if you are one of the first inspectors in your area to start taking advantage of it. We would love to hear inspector’s success stories after they begin using the home inspectors app.