How to Become a Home Inspector?

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Being a home inspector can mean working for a home inspection company or being your own boss. Flexible hours, autonomy, and good pay are all part of the package. But to reap those benefits, you need to have the right skills and qualifications to do the job well. This article will explain more about how to become a home inspector.

What is a Home Inspector’s Job Description?

A home inspector is hired to evaluate residential properties to determine if the structure and systems of the home comply with regulations and are free from defects, damages, and hazards. Home inspectors often work alone and possess basic knowledge and understanding of engineering concepts and building codes. Testing systems, creating reports of findings, and communicating the results with homeowners and other stakeholders is all part of the job. You should be knowledgeable, detail-oriented, thorough, and organized if you want to learn how to become a home inspector because your findings will help the homeowner make one of the biggest financial and personal decisions of their life.

What Equipment do you Need to be a Home Inspector?

With every profession, there are certain tools and equipment you need to operate effectively. Here is a list of the most important ones if you are wondering how to become a home inspector:

  • Microsoft Excel, Word for data entry
  • Electrical testers
  • Radon kit, Water testing kit
  • Digital camera
  • Inspection report software (Spectra, HomeGauge, Horizon)
  • Safety equipment such as flashlights, boots, and more.

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Do you Need a Degree to be a Home Inspector?

If you want to learn how to become a home inspector, a special degree is not necessary, nor is it required by any state to perform home inspections. You will need a high school diploma, and an associates or bachelor’s degree in architecture or engineering is a plus. A knowledge of architecture or engineering is helpful because these principles are used to evaluate the systems and structure of the home or building to determine if there are defects. Also, you may be asked (or want) to review building or property documents, since they may give you a greater understanding of the workings and structure of the home.

What Certifications do you Need to Become a Home Inspector?

Doing research on your state’s licensing and certification requirements is critical if you want to know how to become a home inspector because there is no national standard and every state is different. Many home inspector membership organizations will offer their own training courses, certifications, and Standards of Practice. Unless you are clear on what is required by your state, you may be making an investment that, although helpful, does not meet your state’s criteria for how to become a home inspector. Thirty-five states require a home inspector to be licensed and certified. Many require taking the National Home Inspector Examination or belonging to a membership organization that meets certain minimum requirements.

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Do Home Inspectors Make Good Money?

There’s good news if you are learning how to become a home inspector. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, earnings for construction and building inspectors (which include home inspectors) are on the rise, with a 10% growth expected through 2026. Right now, the top 10% of home inspectors are making more than $76,000 annually according to PayScale, with the median home inspector earning $46,000. As regulators and the industry increase focus on home safety, the future looks bright for demand and steady work, so it’s a great time to learn how to become a home inspector. Learn how to market yourself and grow your home inspection business.

Do Home Inspectors Need Insurance?

Yes. Insurance is required by most states to protect consumers in the event that an error, omission, or unforeseen issue occurs. Having the right insurance coverage in case someone brings a claim against you is great protection for your business and can bring you much-needed peace of mind. If you want to know how to become a home inspector in your state, do your research because every state has different criteria. Learn what insurance your state requires to become a home inspector. EliteMGA is here to help. Our knowledgeable team will help you choose insurance that meets your state’s requirements as well as the needs of your business.

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