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We are happy to announce that we have moved our online presence to a new URL that reflects our brand. This will make it easier for home inspectors to find us online.

Choose EliteMGA for your Home Inspectors Insurance Needs

EliteMGA is 100% dedicated to the professional home inspector. We specialize in your specific needs:

  • We sell insurance. We do the billing. We settle claims! We have our own carrier for Home Inspectors! No nonsense dealing with a third-party insurance carrier – just us!
  • Our team of in-house attorneys (led by the pre-eminent expert in Home Inspection, Joe Denneler) create the Risk Management tools (to keep you out of a claim) and manage the claims (once you have a claim).
  • We strive to have the most competitive rates in the market.
  • Our experience counts in underwriting- writing business responsibly so as to ensure a product for inspectors for years to come.
  • We offer unique coverage – Whatever you need for your business we can provide.
  • Group discounts for multiple inspectors.

EliteMGA Created A Carrier For Home Inspectors Called EliteRE

EliteMGA has been a leader in providing insurance and risk management for years in the Home Inspector industry but there was always one piece missing – Total Autonomy.  Who knows the experience of inspectors better than a leading provider of insurance and risk management in the country? So, EliteMGA created a carrier just for Home Inspectors – EliteRE. What are the advantages of us owning our own captive?

  • Complete underwriting authority – we decide who to insure.
  • Absolute pricing authority – we decide the pricing.
  • Tailored Policy – we create the policy’s coverages to fit the needs of our inspector clientele.
  • Risk Management – we create the tools to keep you out of claims.
  • Absolute Claims Authority- we handle the claims in-house with our inspector’s best interest at heart.

What Our Customers Say About Us!

“The folks at EliteMGA are just that – elite. I have used them for insurance for several years now and really can’t speak highly enough. First, the responsiveness: emails and calls are returned not just the same day, but often in minutes. Second, the professionalism and thoroughness: I have been late making a payment or made an error on paperwork, and they go the extra mile to cover over mistakes or explain things well. For inspectors looking for E&O and general liability, EliteMGA is just the best.”

~ Home Inspector – Kansas City, Missouri

“EliteMGA has been a pleasure to work with. They have guided me through the process and have been extremely understanding and patient as I learn my way through the business. I would highly recommend ALL new home inspectors check out EliteMGA! Having the certificate of liability insurance from EliteMGA readily accessible for agents and customers has helped me earn new business.”

~ Home Inspector – Fort Morgan, Colorado

State by State Insurance Requirements

Inspector Claims Talk

Watch Attorney Joe Denneler on our podcast, Inspector Claims Talk, where he discusses home inspection insurance, risk and claims management, and more! The first episode asks the question, ‘Why do inspectors need agreements?’ Joe outlines the four types of agreements all home inspectors should have: primary agreements with the client, ancillary service agreements, subcontractor agreements, and employment agreements. Watch more episodes of Inspector Claims Talk with Joe Denneler on our YouTube channel !

Why do Home Inspectors need Insurance?

A home inspector who takes great care in his or her work and has all the professional experience in the world can still be the target of a lawsuit. Legal defense costs and damages could financially cripple an uninsured home inspector. That is why it is important to invest in insurance for home inspectors, including errors and omissions (E&O) insurance and general liability insurance coverages.

Certified Home Inspector Association- Superior Home Insurance Insurance- EliteMGA
Certified Home Inspector Association- Superior Service Home Inspector Insurance- EliteMGA
ASHI Bronze Recognition
Certified Market Specialist- EliteMGA


If you actively perform professional home inspection services for a fee, it is strongly recommended that you invest in home inspection insurance. Although most professional liability claims are without merit, and professionals win over 90% of cases that come to a verdict, the trials and tribulations can be easily avoided. Most jurisdictions have made it a requirement for all home inspectors to have Insurance in addition to their inspector’s license. In fact, the following states have made it part of having a license: Washington, Massachusetts, Arizona, Texas, Mississippi, and Tennessee. Nevada, Pennsylvania, North Dakota, and New Jersey. Additionally, many businesses have made it a requirement of their franchisees to have home inspection insurance coverage as well. It is also a smart option when looking for referrals, as real estate brokers, reputable relocation businesses, and real estate attorneys prefer to refer clients to inspectors who are fully insured.

This endorsement provides coverage to a referring party—any referring party, not just a real estate agent—for any claim that alleges that the referring party negligently referred business to the insured home inspector for home inspection services.

No. The endorsement is automatically included at no additional charge to all home inspector insurance policies with EliteMGA.

Yes. You can obtain coverage regardless of your tenure in the profession. EliteMGA requires our new inspectors provide previous proof of education, training or certification prior to issuing a policy.

There are various limit options available: $1,000,000; $500,000; $300,000, $250,000 and $100,000. Many states have minimum limits of $500,000, as do many franchisors and many referring parties, such as, real estate agents, relocation companies and real estate attorneys. Some builders may require limits of $1,000,000 in order to enter onto their premises.

See State by State Insurance Requirements for Home Inspectors.

Yes, changes to limits of liability can be changed mid-term with undwriter approval. Term and conditions may apply.

Yes. There is no premium adjustment for adding an inspector mid-term. Neither is there one for dropping an inspector mid-term. Premiums are based on the number of inspectors at the beginning of the policy term. The only requirement is that you provide proof of training, education, certification or licensing prior to them inspecting for your firm.

At EliteMGA, typically policies are issued within 1 business day of the receipt of your completed application and other subjectivities. No payment is due up front and installments are available without outside financing. Many of our competitors force payment in full, or financing with additional fees up to 12.5%.

You will be covered for any claim under this policy that is presented after you switch insurance companies if you have had continuous Insurance in your name from the date of the inspection that gave rise to the claim. This is known as Prior Acts Coverage. For example, if you have had continuous Insurance in your name since 1/1/2002, that would be your prior acts date or, retroactive date, as it is sometimes called. Your current Insurance carrier will respond to a claim for work you performed from 1/1/2002 forward, assuming you have had continuous E & O Insurance with no lapses in coverage.

Prior Acts Coverage is only available to Home Inspectors who have maintained continuous Home Inspectors Insurance in their name. EliteMGA will need a copy of the Declarations Page of your prior policies together with the completed application to determine if you are eligible for prior acts coverage.

No. Prior Acts Coverage is only available to insureds who have had Home Inspectors Insurance continuously in force.

Home inspector insurance can be especially confusing. Luckily, we can help you determine your needs and connect you with a program that fits your individual insurance requirements.  Just give us a call today at 800-355-1185 or email us at inspection@eiipro.com, and our professional EliteMGA team will help in any way we can.

Thank you for placing your trust in us – we are excited for the opportunity to provide you with one of the “Elite” home inspector’s insurance programs!


This company makes Home Inspector’s insurance affordable. When starting a business it’s costly enough. They are very professional and friendly as are their representatives. Would highly recommend them!

Dabby Doodle

Ben at Elite was so helpful walking me though the differences in insurance of my Inspection business. Elite has made home inspection insurance a 1-2-3 easy step process, highly recommend Ben and Elite for all there insurance needs.

Tony Tulich

I moved my Home Inspection insurance to EliteMGA. They covered all the process we are currently doing and what we plan to do at a great rate. It was super simple and easy.

Lee Ruble

EliteMGA is hands down the best for home inspection insurance. They care about their client’s and the level of care is top notch.

Steven Reeder

MGA has been the best bang for the buck in providing my home inspection insurance needs and always pleasant to deal with.

Don Halligan

Best Home Inspection Insurance I’ve ever had!

Carl Harris

EliteMGA was so easy to work with!! I would highly recommend them for all your Home Inspector insurance needs!!! – Paul Rondeau Viewpoint Home Inspections!!

Paul Rondeau