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EliteMGA’s History to Become the Leading Home Inspector Insurance Provider

EliteMGA was formed in 2007 for the sole purpose of helping Home Inspectors find E&O and General Liability insurance coverages for their business. Elite has evolved over the last thirteen years to be the preeminent provider of insurance for this industry combining the very best insurance coverage, coupled with risk management and claim assist services.

EliteMGA’s program has evolved over the years to drive innovation in the home inspection insurance and risk management industry. In 2014, Elite saw the need to add risk management services to help insureds avert risk, control the cost of their insurance, and become better insureds. This spawned the creation of an RPG (Risk Purchasing Group) program that provided insureds access to risk management tools. For the first time, inspectors were being helped to AVOID claims. In this highly successful program, inspectors were given access to a state-specific contract that uses the most advantageous legal language per the state’s governing law. All inspectors were given access to “Claim Assist”, a program for alerting EliteMGA’s legal team should the insured think a claim was on the horizon and seeking advice. The combination of these efforts provided a comprehensive program to help inspectors through the entire insurance process and kept the overall program losses down to ensure the program’s existence.

In 2019, EliteMGA saw another opportunity to make the program the very best in the industry through the creation of the very first captive solely for home inspectors – EliteRE. EliteRE was born to service the home inspection industry, combine all the important lessons learned from the program’s rich history, and pass along the very best in coverage, pricing, underwriting acumen, claim’s handling, and risk management services.

EliteMGA Owns the First Captive Carrier Dedicated to Home Inspectors

EliteMGA, with its own captive carrier for home inspectors (EliteRE), has now combined all the tools to provide the Home Inspection industry with the very best insurance and risk management services needed to protect your business. The legal staff, led by the preeminent attorney in the home inspection business, Attorney Joseph Denneler, will surround your insurance, both before and after, with strategies to help avoid, and mitigate claims regarding your business. EliteMGA does it all: create, sell, underwrite, bill, risk manage, and settle claims all under one roof!

EliteMGA’s Promise to You

EliteMGA treats every customer with the utmost respect and professionalism, handling the needs of their business as if it was their own. This professionalism has led to some of the highest ratings of customer services on Google and Facebook reviews – Elite encourages you to review. Once part of the Elite family, EliteMGA will do everything they can to make your insurance and risk management experience the very best!

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