What is EliteRE?

EliteRE logo

EliteRE is the name of the insurance (captive) carrier created by EliteMGA specifically for Home Inspectors; never has there been a captive created specifically for Home Inspection. EliteRE stands for Elite (our name you have known for many years) RE (Reinsurance).  A captive Insurance Carrier, like EliteRE, is a way to pool similar risk (like Home Inspector E&O) – in essence, it’s a carrier just for you and your profession!

How EliteRE Helps Our Customers

The same people who sell the insurance (EliteMGA), manage the claims (EliteRE). No longer will you deal with a sales team that has to answer to, or deal with, the red tape of a “BIG INSURANCE CARRIER”.

WE DO IT ALL IN ONE SHOP! We sell insurance. We do the billing. We settle claims!

We are unique, in that the preeminent litigation attorney in the Home Inspection space, Attorney Joe Denneler, and his team, is creating the Risk Management tools (to keep you out of a claim) and managing the claims (once you have a claim).

Can’t connect the dots more than that!

Since we know the business better than anyone, we can set the price of insurance! WE will strive to have the most competitive rates in the market.

Whatever you need for your business we can provide.

  • Are you doing Underground Tank Scans? Covered.
  • Do you need Pesticide Application Coverage? Covered.
  • Tools and Equipment? Covered!

Coverages are added by request and tailored to fit the service your company offers its customers.

Why Choose EliteMGA’s Carrier (EliteRE) Over a Company Using Outsourced Carriers?

When you deal with EliteMGA you only have to deal with EliteMGA.  The same company that handles the sale of your insurance (EliteMGA) also handles your claims and billing (EliteRE).  There is no confusion or ambiguity.  You may deal with the same representative for the life of your insurance needs!

How Does EliteMGA Using Their Carrier (EliteRE) Offer Such Competitive Pricing?

We are specialists in E&O insurance for home inspectors, and we’ve been in this business exclusively for over 15 years. We have the home inspector insurance knowledge and experience to help you choose the most appropriate limits and deductibles.  We can suggest optional coverage and discuss specialty coverages because we know your business. We can also point out opportunities there may be for discounts. We want to get you optimum E & O coverage at a price that fits your budget.

We insure hundreds of home inspector companies of all sizes and are experienced in the nuances of the home inspection business.  Since we know your business we can get you the most competitive rates. Policies ranging from individuals to multi-inspector firms. Two inspectors for the cost of one.

What is the Turnaround Time on Getting Coverage? What are the Coverage Limits?

We do everything in house, and we can provide the quickest turnaround time on your application for E&O coverage. You can have coverage in as little as 72 hours!

Because we own the carrier, we can be nimble and tailor your limits to either, your state’s required limit for licensing, or the limit needed to make you feel secure while running your business. Moreover, we have access to other excess limits and ancillary coverages should you need or desire to put in place.