How to Handle Home Inspection Claims by Your Clients

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Handling claims from clients has been a point of contention for home inspectors. Home inspectors have been afraid of reporting claims due to the potential ramifications to their insurance coverage. The fear of increased premiums and the potential loss of coverage has kept many complaints and claims unreported since most states now require home inspectors to be insured. This issue becomes even more complex as professional liability insurance is predicted on a claims-made basis, in other words, home inspectors are required to report claims directly to their insurance carrier. To allay such fears, Inspector Claim Management (ICM) and EliteMGA have instituted the worry-free concept in handling home inspector claims. Lead by Joe Denneler, general counselor for Elite MGA and the Elite family of companies, brings over two decades of experience to your aid.

What Is The Difference Between A Claim And A Complaint

From the legal perspective, there is a significant difference between a claim and a complaint. A home inspection complaint can be made regardless if an injury or error occurred . Often complaints explain the problem and include potential resolutions. If nothing is done to address the complaint, then it is common for complaints to turn into claims. At EliteMGA, we handle them the same. We take a proactive approach to complaints to prevent insurance claims.

What Is The Process Of Reporting A Home Inspection Claim To Your Insurance

Regardless of its size, reporting a home inspection issue to your insurance should be the first step in handling a home inspector claim brought against you. Once our team has been notified, our expert attorneys and claims professionals will aggressively defend the home inspectors cases. To assist in formulating the best strategy, the next step is providing our team with your inspection reports, pre-inspection agreement, and photos.

Is There A Consequence Of Reporting A Claim To Insurance?

EliteMGA and ICM have implemented a worry-free claims reporting process. In this process our clients’ policies and premiums will not increase unless we have to pay legal fees or settlements. If we pay nothing, then you pay nothing. In the worry free claims reporting system, fostering proactivity and informing the ICM team at EliteMGA empowers our industry experts to work to either alleviate the claim or put you in the most optimal situation to resolve it. Get free consultation time, careful care and consideration for your interests, and the ultimate in expertise in state regulatory requirements. We have found that claims prevention is more effective than claims management so don’t wait. Report all complaints and issues as soon as they occur.

What Are The Most Common Claims Made Against Home Inspectors?

The most common claims brought against home inspectors is unintentional property damage through their General Liability insurance. Other common claims are brought against home inspectors Errors and Omissions policy. Home inspector claims generally include on of the following allegations:

  • Roofing issues
  • Mold
  • Problematic plumbing
  • Defects in the foundation
  • Water damage

Claims can be reported on our website at Report A Claim. Our goal is to keep you free of such situations and work to maintain your insurability and keep your premium costs manageable. For the industry’s best protection, contact one of the team members at EliteMGA today.

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