Spa and Pool Inspection Insurance

In some areas of the country, pools are a standard feature in homes. Are you considering whether or not to include pool inspections in your list of services? On one hand, you may gain customers and capitalize on lucrative extra business if you perform spa and pool inspections. On the other hand, inspecting pools is specialized and can lead to costly claims against your business. EliteMGA can help you protect your business with Spa and Pool Inspection Insurance on your Errors and Omissions policy, with additional coverage of $100,000. Also, we can point you in the direction of how to become a Certified Pool and Spa Inspector and where to find the tools you need – like a pool and spa inspection checklist – to perform the job properly.

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Benefits of Offering Spa and Pool Inspections

swimming poolOffering pool inspections might seem daunting since there are many different types of pools and spas as well as components that need to be inspected. The reasons to perform pool inspections are many. In some areas of the country particularly, customers do not want to hire an additional inspector because they associate that with additional cost and hassle to deal with more than one inspector. In these cases, you could lose business by not performing pool inspections. Another benefit is you can charge more for spa and pool inspection services whether you are the primary home inspector or just hired to do the pool inspection. Not all home inspectors perform pool inspections, so customers who get a pool inspection from you will refer you to their pool-owning friends and you can grow your business. Additionally, EliteMGA will cover your business against claims and show you how to find a pool and spa inspection checklist and education.

What is Spa and Pool Inspection Insurance?

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Like any opportunity within the field of home inspections, offering pool inspections to your business presents new and different risks. Pools and spas vary greatly in the materials used to construct and finish them, the decks surrounding the pools, safety features, cleaning systems, diving boards, heating systems, and other features. Getting the education you need to offer pool inspections, including a thorough pool and spa inspection checklist, is a good start to protecting yourself. Even when you do everything right, you can still be the target of a lawsuit. It’s important to carry the proper spa and pool inspection insurance to cover any losses that you incur should a claim arise. The right insurance provider not only helps you avoid claims in the first place but makes things much easier for you in the event of a claim. EliteMGA is unique because we own our own captive insurance carrier. We handle the process from start to finish, saving you money and headaches dealing with separate representatives and separate companies.

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Pool and Spa Inspection Checklist

Our pool and spa inspection checklist reminds you of what to cover in your inspection, helps you document your findings in a standard way, and gives assurance to your customers. InterNACHI, in addition to providing educational materials and certification, provides an excellent pool and spa inspection checklist. The pool and spa inspection checklist covers:

  • Pool safety features like fencing, gates, alarms, and covers are operational, sufficient, and not defective
  • The pool itself is in good condition: water level is sufficient, water chemistry is maintained, and there are no signs of significant cracks or staining that might lead to larger problems
  • The deck is slip-resistant, uncluttered, and not lifting in areas
  • Drains, grates, and filters in and around the pool are secure, free of debris, and unencumbered
  • Pumps, filtration systems, heaters, and lights are properly installed, operational, and lines are not damaged
  • The diving board is free of defects and clearly shows the manufacturer

How to get a Pool and Spa Inspection Certification

To start the process of becoming a Certified Pool and Spa Inspector, visit the InterNACHI website and:

  1. Join InterNACHI as a member
  2. Complete the free, online course How to Inspect Pools and Spas
  3. Follow InterNACHI’s Continuing Education Policy for Certified Inspectors

Once you have completed the steps, you can perform pool inspections with confidence and reap the benefits of adding this valuable service to your home inspection resume. Adding EliteMGA’s Pool and Spa Coverage on your Errors and Omissions policy, you can rest easy knowing that the industry leader in insurance for home inspectors is protecting your business. Contact us and be connected with our friendly, knowledgeable specialists.

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