Even Home Inspectors who take great care in their work and who have years of professional experience can be a target of a lawsuit. With materials like EIFS and Stucco where a small crack can turn into a huge mess, it is important to invest in Errors and Omissions (E&O) inspection insurance so that you are not caught off guard by a common issue that is easy to miss.

Certifications for EIFS and Stucco Inspection

Today there are many in-person and online courses to obtain a certification for EIFS and Stucco inspection.  These courses focus on how to properly evaluate EIFS and Stucco installation (mostly on new construction) for compliance with contract documents and recognized industry standards.  Through the certification process, participants will learn the standards for correctly applying EIFS and Stucco.  By looking at examples where unacceptable materials or practices are used, students will understand what results from below standard work.  As a certified EIFS and Stucco inspector, you can offer this inspection service to your clients, increasing the value of your home inspection and saving your clients from making costly mistakes when purchasing a home.  


Why is it Important to Inspect Stucco and EIFS?

It is important to inspect Stucco and EIFS because a small mistake during installation can cost a homeowner big. Improper Stucco and EIFS installation is a common issue, and results in especially large consequences in humid climates. Improperly installed systems can result in leaks, mold, and structural damage. These issues can go unnoticed for years, and cost significant amounts of money to repair. A well-trained, certified EIFS and Stucco inspector knows where and what to look for, pinpointing moisture trapped in the underlying substrate. However, since these issues are easily overlooked and tend to be small cracks, having the security of E&O insurance behind you makes sure that an overlooked crack will not cost you or your client an arm and a leg.

Common Causes of Stucco and EIFS Damage

Common causes of Stucco and EIFS damage are impact cracks, an incomplete seal, material extending below grade, and faults in caulking and other waterproof sealants.  Any crack, fault in the seal, or waterproof sealant will allow moisture to collect inside the wall, unable to drain back out.  For this reason, it is important to check for any cracks due to impact or poor installation, as well as monitoring the waterproof sealant on any exterior fixtures protruding from EIFS or Stucco walls.  It is also important for an EIFS or Stucco exterior to have two inches of clearance from the foundation of the building so it can drain properly.  If the material is installed below grade, it can trap water and moisture, as well as soak up moisture from the ground.  

EIFS & Stucco Inspections

E&O Insurance for EIFS & Stucco Inspections

With the common faults and damages listed above, even the best inspectors are liable to miss a small crack that can turn into a more serious problem. For that reason, it is important for all inspectors to be protected by an E&O insurance plan that covers EIFS and Stucco inspections.

Home inspector E&O insurance provides your company, your employees, and you with protections against lawsuits or claims based on omissions or mistakes made in your inspection that result in financial damages for a client. This policy can also provide protection from attorney fees or a settlement amount, if you are deemed guilty of an error or omission. Contact EliteMGA today to find out how you can be covered with EIFS and Stucco inspection insurance.