Termites are a worst-case-scenario situation for most homeowners. They can stay well hidden and are difficult to diagnose; by the time they are found, they can already have inflicted devastating damage on a home and its integrity, plus left the inspector with a lawsuit summons and an upset client.

E&O Insurance Coverage for Termite Inspections

Our program offers a unique endorsement just for this termite inspection service. If your home inspection business offers termite, WDI inspections, you MUST have this endorsement on your policy to properly protect yourselves and your companies. Termite inspection insurance coverage is designed to respond to claims involving “Termite or other Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Services”. In addition to having E&O and General Liability for termite inspections, many states require a bond too. If you need a bond, please click here.

Termite Insurance Coverage for Home Inspectors

Five Ways Home Inspectors Search for Termites

Interested in Termite Insurance Coverage for Home Inspectors?

By working with EliteMGA, you can ensure that you have proper coverage for the services you provide. Give us a call today to discuss adding this endorsement to your policy. Or if you don’t have coverage with EliteMGA yet, please apply here.