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Worker’s compensation insurance coverage provides medical care and compensation when employees are injured on a  job.  Our seasoned staff at EliteMGA will happily provide you with the best worker’s compensation insurance coverage plan possible whether you’re a home inspector, radon inspector, energy auditor or perform mortgage field services.

Do I need Workers Compensation Insurance Coverage?

If you have employees,  yes.  Most states require workers’ compensation insurance coverage by law.  Not to mention, It’s the right thing to do too.  You may even be the one who gets injured on a  job.  Medical bills and expenses need to be paid and wages covered for you or your recovering employee.  With workers’ compensation insurance coverage,  you won’t pay out of pocket for your employee’s medical expenses or loss of income.  If your employee is injured you will not have to worry about lawsuits.  If you’re injured,  you won’t have to go to court and submit a personal injury case.  The insurance will take care of it.  So if an accident occurs on a  job site, you can rest assured knowing you have workers’ compensation insurance coverage.

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How Easy is it to Apply for Worker’s Compensation Insurance Coverage?

It’s very easy to apply for worker’s compensation insurance coverage.  All you need is your entire company payroll,  you’re specific classes of employees  (professional,  clerical,  etc.), and the payroll for each class of employee.  That’s it.  Call us at  800-355-1185 or email us.  We’ll send out an application and happily respond to any questions you may have about your application or anything else about worker’s compensation insurance coverage.

Home insection engineer

Ben at Elite was so helpful walking me though the differences in insurance of my Inspection business. Elite has made home inspection insurance a 1-2-3 easy step process, highly recommend Ben and Elite for all there insurance needs.

Tony Tulich

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Lee Ruble

EliteMGA is hands down the best for home inspection insurance. They care about their client’s and the level of care is top notch.

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This will be my second year with EliteMGA for my home inspection general liability and Errors and Omissions insurance. Personally, I have never used a different company for home inspection insurance, but I have always had positive interactions and experiences with EliteMGA and would have no issues recommending them to other home inspectors I know.

Jarrett Ferris

MGA has been the best bang for the buck in providing my home inspection insurance needs and always pleasant to deal with.

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Best Home Inspection Insurance I’ve ever had!

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I have been using EliteMGA for the last few years. They are very professional, responsive and answer all of the questions your would have. Perfect insurance for home inspectors. Love this company and will continue to use them for years to come. I highly recommend if your a home inspector to use EliteMGA for your insurance needs.

M Onasch

Fran was great! He took the time to talk to me and walk me through everything. Its amazing that EliteMGA provides this very needed niche of insurance for Home Inspectors. I am very grateful.

David Gillette

Ive been in the home inspection business since 1998, EliteMGA is by far the best E&O / GL carrier I’ve ever dealt with. If you’re wise, you’re going to sign with EliteMGA.

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As a home inspector EliteMGA was recommended to me by many of my peers. Everything has been great thus far and customer service is always prompt, friendly and knowledgeable. Luckily for me I have not had any claims filed but feel good knowing they are there for me.

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