When it comes to quality home inspector insurance in Alaska, there’s no better option than EliteMGA. Our clients are our highest priority. With over 30 years of combined experience, our knowledgeable and friendly insurance agents help you to understand your home inspection business’ risks and the best way to cover those risks. We will guide you in making an informed decision to best protect your business. Whether you’re a home inspector, mold sampler, energy auditor, or mortgage field service professional, the need for superior liability insurance in Alaska is inevitable. At EliteMGA, your home inspector Errors and Omissions and General Liability insurance will be combined into one cost-efficient and effective policy.

Alaska Board

Alaska Home Inspectors Insurance Minimums

AL Home Inspector General Liability Insurance Requirements

  • As a licensed home inspector in Alaska, you are required to carry no less than $20,000 in general liability insurance.

Is General Liability Insurance in the State of Alaska Required?

First and foremost, the state of Alaska requires home inspectors to maintain a minimum of $20,000 of general liability insurance coverage. General Liability is mainly meant for slip and fall type accidents.  i.e. Your ladder falls and hits an agent’s car or you break a 55in television. Having a policy beyond the requirements of the state with EliteMGA’s General Liability and Errors & Omissions, can help differentiate yourself from your competitors, but more importantly, protect your assets and business from potential liabilities and lawsuits. Unfortunately, Home Inspectors can’t predict the behavior of a home buyer who is making the biggest investment of his or her life.  What if the buyer has buyer’s remorse or finds something they “feel” you should have seen? What if you couldn’t access a crawl space or basement but forgot to state that in your report when you got home that day? All of these situations can lead to a financial burden on you and your business and having General Liability and E&O insurance is the solution and can give you peace of mind.

Choose EliteMGA for Alaska Home Inspector Insurance

At EliteMGA, we are dedicated to providing you with the best Home Inspection E&O insurance on the market as well as other important insurance coverages. Our specialized, experienced staff will work with you to understand your business’s risk management and individual needs to construct the best possible insurance policy. Regardless if you’re a sole proprietor or a multi-inspector firm, we will work with you to tailor our policy to fit your needs. In addition to E&O and GL insurance policies, we also offer coverage for radon, lead paint, termite/WDI/WDO, pool & spa, septic/water testing, indoor air quality testing, EIFS/stucco, infrared thermography, mold sampling, rodent inspections, green building inspections, and much more.

With EliteMGA, there are never any hidden fees, taxes, or financing costs. You can trust that our 30+ years of combined experience will help you get the Errors & Omissions insurance you deserve in the quickest amount of time possible.