• $300,000 per year in Errors & Omissions insurance with a maximum deductible of $5,000
  • $300,000 per year of General Liability Coverage with a maximum deductible of $5,000
  • Provide a copy of the Certificate of Insurance to the Louisiana State Board of Home Inspectors

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There’s no better choice than EliteMGA when it comes to top-quality home inspector insurance in Louisiana. Our highest priority is our customers. Our professional and responsive insurance agents have a combined experience of more than 30 years, and will collaborate with you to find the best insurance to cover your exposure. EliteMGA’s home inspector insurance was created by home inspectors for home inspectors. Therefore, we understand the unique risks of the home inspection industry and tailor our coverage accordingly. Our E&O and general liability insurance for the home inspector can be merged into one cost-saving and effective solution. We offer a variety of coverages since each state requires different types and levels of home inspector insurance. The state of Louisiana requires that all home inspectors carry insurance, and the need for superior liability insurance in Louisiana is clear.


Why EliteMGA Is the Best Choice for Louisiana Home Inspector Insurance?

At EliteMGA, we are committed to supplying you with the best home inspector insurance coverage. Our insurance is created by home inspectors for home inspectors. We own the industry’s first and only insurance carrier solely devoted to the home inspection industry, EliteRE. We create the best possible insurance package to meet your needs as a home inspector in Louisiana. Our specialized and knowledgeable team will collaborate with you to consider your business, service offerings, employees, and individual needs. We have specialty protections that cover a variety of home inspector services including pool & spa inspections, indoor air quality tests, green building inspections, septic/water testing, pest checks, lead paint, infrared thermography, termite/WDI/WDO, radon inspections, EIFS/stucco inspections, mold sampling, and much more. You can bundle these protections with your Errors & Omissions and General Liability policies for added savings. You can believe that our collective expertise of more than 30 years will help you get the home inspector insurance you need quickly.

Why is General Liability Insurance Important in the State of Louisiana?

First and foremost, in order to request a home inspector’s license, the state of Louisiana requires home inspectors to hold no less than $300,000 in both E&O and general liability policies. In addition to separating yourself from your rivals, carrying home inspector insurance that incorporates general liability with Errors & Omissions will shield your properties and company from future liabilities. Unfortunately, the actions of a home buyer or seller who is making a substantial investment or sale may not be anticipated by the home inspectors. What if the buyer has an issue over something they feel that you should have noticed? Home inspectors perform many home inspections annually; any of these inspections has the possibility of resulting in damaging claims. Regardless of the claim’s validity, home inspectors will need to defend themselves in court, requiring a substantial cost that would have been covered by your insurance. You are taking a gamble with your business by not purchasing adequate Errors & Omissions and General Liability insurance specifically designed for home inspectors.